Read This If You’re Struggling To Get Over Someone

Losing the person you love is never easy — in fact, it’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do in your life. It will get better, but until it does, remember this:

1. YOU’VE GONE THROUGH THIS BEFORE.Even if a man has never broken your heart this badly, you’ve been screwed over by friends, have been criticized by family, and have seen pets die. You survived those days, didn’t you? Then you can survive this, too.

2. KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY.I know you’re upset, but that isn’t an excuse for skipping meals, binge drinking, and staying in bed all day. He already broke your heart, but you shouldn’t allow him to destroy your liver, too. Your body deserves to stay healthy, whether you want to take care of it or not.

3. YOU AREN’T ALONE. There are friends that are willing to listen to you rant, there are pets that would love to cuddle you to sleep, and there are men on Tinder that are dying to fuck you. You might feel lonely without your ex, but you’re definitely not alone. You never were and you never will be.

4. HE DIDN’T TAKE AWAY YOUR HAPPINESS.Right now, the tears might be so heavy that it feels like you’re never going to be happy again. But you’re wrong. Deep down, you know you’re wrong, so don’t give in to the illusion that he took away your chance at a happy future, because all he took away were a few happy days in this month.

5. LOVE WON’T ALWAYS END THIS WAY.Don’t swear yourself off of relationships, just because one man hurt you. Falling in love won’t always end with you falling apart. One day, you’ll find a love that will never die.

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