Love Isn’t About How Much Shit I Can Take From You


Love isn’t perfect, but it’s also not supposed to be about how much shit I can take from someone who doesn’t seem to care about me. That’s not love at all — it should be better than this because that’s what I deserve.

1. I REFUSE TO BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED. I have needs and stress in my life too. I’m happy to be there for my partner, but I won’t be taken for granted. If there’s no give, I’m out. I’ve been taken for granted before and it killed my confidence for a while, but it’s a mistake that won’t happen again.

2. GIVE SHIT AND GET SHIT IN RETURN. I’ve decided the easiest way to deal with this kind of love is to give as much shit as you get. Why should I sit meekly by and let someone treat me like I’m nothing when I could share all my shit with them?

3. WHAT HAPPENED TO RESPECT? Anyone who truly respects me isn’t going to do this to me. I’ve heard men say “I love you,” but if they don’t act the part, they don’t mean it. Love and respect go hand in hand for me. If I’m constantly being taken for granted, I’m not being respected.

4. IF THAT’S LOVE, COUNT ME OUT. I’m serious. If this is what it means to be in love, I don’t want any part of it. I always thought love should be better. I know I won’t be happy 24/7, but I shouldn’t feel like shit 24/7 either. Any love that makes me feel worse about myself isn’t worth holding on to.

5. I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. Honestly, I believe we all deserve to be happy — well, except for those who get off on bringing others down. I thought your significant other was supposed to make you feel happier, but if they’re making me miserable, is it worth it? I may not be perfect, but I do deserve happiness and taking someone else’s shit isn’t going to do it for me.

6. I DON’T REMEMBER FAIRY TALES ENDING LIKE THAT. Think back on all those romantic happy endings in fairy tales. Hell, even with something less traditional like Shrek, the couple treats each other with respect, talks to each other and works things out. It’s never just about one or the other. Usually, it’s the villain that’s selfish and making others live in misery and fear. I’m not huge on fairy tales, but they at least got the happiness and love part down.

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