I Shouldn’t Have To Wonder What A Kiss Means

1. I DESERVE TO KNOW WHERE I STAND WITH YOU.If a man asks me to “hang out,” I don’t know what he means. Even if he kisses me or fucks me, I don’t know what it means. It’s not fair that I have to keep playing guessing games, even after we’ve shared intimate moments together.

2. THE CONFUSION MAKES THE MOMENT LESS SPECIAL.I can’t bask in happiness after our kiss, because I’ll be too busy wondering what the hell it meant. Instead of replaying the moment over and over in my mind before I go to bed at night, I’ll be texting all my friends to see if they can tell me what they think it meant.

3. I DON’T WANT TO WASTE TIME ON YOU. Our kiss either meant something or it didn’t. I don’t care either way. Just let me know, so I can figure out if I should go on that blind date my friend set up or cancel it.

4. I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ASK YOU HOW YOU FEEL.I know the simple solution is to shoot you a text, asking if you’re interested in a serious relationship or if you’re only looking for a hookup, but I don’t want to do that. It’s embarrassing. I wish you’d just make it clear how you felt, so I didn’t have to jump through hoops in order to find out.

5. THERE’S NO REASON TO HIDE YOUR INTENTIONS. It’s not like asking for a hookup is going to get you rejected, because sites like Tinder exists. With the swipe of a phone screen, you can find girls ready for a fling. You might as well be honest about what you want, so we can all end up with someone that’s on the same page as us.

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