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7 Things Independent Women Don’t Do In Relationships

1. PUT YOUR CAREER ON THE BACKBURNER. You might really want to take the weekend off to be with your sexy boyfriend, but you know you have work waiting and you value your career. It’s something that you’ve nurtured and an important part of your life. This doesn’t mean you cancel dates all the time or become a workaholic, but it does mean that you won’t douse your career potential just because you’re distracted by romance. There’s room for it all.

2. PLAY THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS AND LET HIM “SAVE” YOU. There will be times in your relationship when you and your partner help each other out, but you’d never become a damsel in distress because you think it makes you attractive. You don’t need him to rescue you from your dramas instead of being in control of your own life. You’ll never shy away from an opportunity to be empowered and you insist on dealing with shit your own way —and that’s one of the things that makes you sexy AF.

3. HIT THE CLINGY SWITCH. Instead of getting clingy, you take your time to process your feelings and get to the root of what’s bugging you when you’re feeling insecure. You won’t allow that insecurity to make you clingy, texting him 20 times a day or asking for constant reassurance, since you know that’ll just push him away. You know how to take a step back and figure things out before becoming over-emotional.

4. STICK AROUND WHEN THINGS ARE UNFIXABLE/SHITTY.You’re strong enough to make it through tough times in a relationship, but you’re also smart enough not to stick with a situation you know will never change and is damaging to yourself or your boyfriend. You’re not afraid to cut the cord on a shitty relationship and you’re not afraid of being alone.

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