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15 Signs You Aren’t Living The Life You Deserve & Need A Change

The universe has a tendency of giving us subtle signs about our ideal paths in life. Sometimes, you just know that you’re headed in the right direction, and other times, you’re not so sure. The problem with the signs that the universe sends you is that they often aren’t blunt enough for us to realize what they’re saying until later on. Here are some to look out for that indicate you may deserve more than the life you’re living:

1. YOU’RE BEGINNING TO QUESTION YOUR SANITY ON A REGULAR BASIS. When you’re on the right path, you won’t question yourself constantly. You’ll feel like you know what you’re doing, and it’ll be great. If you’re beginning to wonder if you’re being crazy or selfish, separate yourself from the people or things that are making you feel that way. Chances are, they’re dragging you down.

2. YOU AREN’T FEELING REWARDED BY YOUR LIFESTYLE. When you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll be very happy with the job you have, the people around you, and your overall attitude. When you aren’t, you’ll wonder what you could be doing differently to make things better.

3. BAD LUCK IS ALWAYS AROUND THE CORNER. Somehow, everything keeps falling through. Doors that are supposed to be open are being slammed shut and no matter how hard you work, you’re constantly met with rejection and resistance. This is a subtle sign that the universe is telling you that you need to try your luck elsewhere.

4. YOU CONSTANTLY FEEL UNAPPRECIATED BY THOSE AROUND YOU. Though it’s true that everyone gets taken for granted once in a while, if this is a regular occurrence, it might be because you’re supposed to be with another group of people instead.

5. YOUR FINANCES ARE TOTALLY TERRIBLE. Everyone, especially those in creative fields, tends to go through financial rough patches. However, there’s a difference between a standard rough patch and having absolutely no luck whatsoever. If things that were once a surety are constantly being pulled out from underneath you, you might need to have a new direction in life.

6. CERTAIN DOORS ARE STILL STAYING OPEN, DESPITE YOU THINKING THEY’RE NOT A GOOD FIT FOR YOU. For example, if you’ve been offered a job in finance but were always working in real estate, you might want to consider giving it a shot. This is especially true if your real estate job has been making your life a living hell.

7. DEEP DOWN INSIDE, YOU KNOW THAT YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN WHAT YOU’VE BEEN GETTING. If you know you’re in a toxic situation, you owe it to yourself to leave.

8. YOU’RE BEGINNING TO FEEL A PULL TO A DIFFERENT DIRECTION IN LIFE. This might be a subconscious “nudge” telling you that it’s time to switch gears, or that you’ve grown up out of your current situation.

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