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TV personality Uti Nwachukwu forgives his debtors.

Media personality, Uti Nwachukwu opens up to Pulse about forgiving his debtors and that epic social media rant of last year.

Uti who took to social media last year and lashed out at his debtors told Pulse, “I guess rich people stay rich by not paying their debts. I have heard that a lot about rich people, they owe everyone and intimidate you when you try to ask them for  your pay.”

Uti also threatened to publish their names if they do not come up with his money revealed he can’t be intimidated as he has a great personality. He said, “I am not one to be easily intimidated. My personality is so strong that you have to be God like to intimidate me.”

According to him, “I just wanted them to pay me my money. It was six figures. Two were my friends so i had mercy on them.”

Uti recently revealed he had his hair trimmed because they were getting too heavy to carry about.