Toolz Reveals She Is Bleaching, Fans Blast Her.

Toolz is currently undergoing a really intense chemical peel just to get a new, baby skin, and this revelation on her Instagram page put her in the line of fire from fans who insist that the process is the same as bleaching.

The OAP started the hyperpigmentation programme three days ago and shared daily development with her fans. In her first post, she shared a photo of herself wearing the face mask she had on for more than 6 hours.

Next, she posted a photo of her puffy pink-toned face, and yesterday, she shared the scary photo that led to all the drama.

According to her fans, chemical peel is same as bleaching, but the OAP refuted that claim. “This isn’t a bleaching or skin lightening programme,” Toolz said, adding, “It resurfaces and corrects hyperpigmentation. You can Google it.”


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