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Cooking With Vegetable Oils Releases Toxic Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Say Experts

Vegetables are good for us, right? But vegetable oils… Well, I’m no longer sure about them!

Most people perceive vegetable oils as natural and healthy. It must be the word ‘vegetable’ in them that has been contributing to their misperception for such a long time!

We can eat vegetables to our heart’s content, but vegetable oils must be curbed in our diets as soon as possible. Although the mainstream nutritionists recommend that we consume these oils because unsaturated fats are much healthier than saturated fats, many studies have now demonstrated that they can do serious harm.

The composition of the fatty acids in vegetable oils is different than anything we were ever exposed to throughout our evolution, which leads to physiological changeswithin our bodies and contributes to multiple diseases.

Here are 10 reasons why vegetable oils are causing concerns:

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