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7 Tricks To Stay Calm When Interacting With People You Don’t Like

In a perfect world, each human we interacted with would be considerate, mindful, prompt, kind, generous and more. They’d get our jokes and we’d get theirs. No one would ever be cross, snippy, ruffled or anything less than convivial.

Of course we all know this is not a perfect world. And imperfections all around us are what keep things interesting. That said, I guarantee that most of us frequently come across people who make us tick, or seem to trigger negativity in us for whatever reason. Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes understanding the negative dynamic makes it easier, other times it seems irrelevant.


Regardless of the particulars, it’s important to accept that many people in life that we interact with won’t be as considerate, as mindful, as prompt or as kind as we’d like. Inevitably, we too will rub a few people the wrong way.

In these cases, we may simply choose to accept that we can’t get along with everyone ever. But it’s also possible to talk with and work alongside people we don’t like; in fact, it’s a great learning experience for setting boundaries, and being compassionate with both ourselves and others.

Here are seven tips for navigating those tricky relationships, and to remain calm, present and authentic to ourselves in the process:

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