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5 Ways To Tell If You’re in a Relationship With an Old Soul

Recognizing a person with an old soul is pretty easy because they bring with them a feeling of familiarity, as if you’ve known them your whole life.  What constitutes an ‘old soul’?  A person who sees the world differently; their worldviews and perspectives differ from your average person.  They’re often incredibly wise, giving support and counsel to those in need and are capable of loving unconditionally.


Here are five signs that you’re in a relationship with just such a person:

They have many ‘homebody’ characteristics

The old soul loves to be at home, relaxing and enjoying things that stimulate their mind.  Going out all of the time is of no concern to them, as they generally value spending more time inward than outward.  Don’t expect them to want to go to a 3-day long electronic dance music festival and party hard.

Solitude is where they’re most comfortable

Solitude is one of the old soul’s most treasured things.  It might sound introverted or even anti-social at first, but it’s because they feel more connected to the world around them that they love it.  They’re happy spending time by themselves, whether it be at home with a book or up in the mountains exploring.

They’re not ones for extraordinary gestures of love

The old soul isn’t going to care that you haven’t swept them off their feet and whisked them off to a private getaway for just the two of you.  Or that the dinner you cooked last night didn’t come with flowers and champagne.  The old soul is much more concerned with the little things in a relationship, like getting a kiss goodbye before parting ways or picking out a movie to watch together; anything that exhibits sincerity is truly cherished by the old soul.

They can seem apathetic and indifferent at times

Old souls live their lives at a slower pace than the rest of the world.  ‘No worries’ is often the phrase being coined as a response to pretty much every inconvenient or upsetting thing in their life.  Their understanding of impermanence in the world doesn’t let them become attached to things, be them positive or negative.  They enjoy things just as much as the next person, but don’t expect them to explode with emotion.

They’re not ones to cheat

The old soul prefers to live life as conflict-free as possible, a value that often overrides any sexual or lustful desire.  If they feel that something bad has happened that constitutes their partner’s concern or worry, they’d rather just tell them about it, as the last thing they want is their connection with their loved one to be ruined or unsettled.  Rarely ever is the old soul highly influenced by their libido.