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These are signs for guidance as to whom you should marry. They Share Your Sense of Humor. Out of the many characteristics imperative to thriving in your married life, a sense of humor tops the list. However, there should be a clear distinction between an acceptable and unacceptable level of humor. Making a crowd laugh at someone else’s expense or using racist jokes at inappropriate times may entertain for the short-term, but can get old and offensive over time. The right partner is someone who uses harmless, positive jokes to brighten out even the dimmest of days.


They Genuinely Listen to You: Someone who genuinely listens to your opinions and feelings is definitely marriage material. Even better are those who recall your past conversations and adds to it later. Dates whose responses exude empathy and sincerity actually care about what you have to say and not just trying to say all the right things to get lucky. The latter is mere players who will likely forget your conversations a day or week after.

A marriage where in both partners value each other’s opinions and feelings are one that will last a lifetime. An open channel of communication ensures that feedback, both positive and negative, are heard before they worsen into serious arguments. They Give Genuine Feedback as Well. Someone who genuinely listens should also have some feedback to add to the conversation otherwise they may just be pretending to listen but is actually spaced out during the entire time. A genuine conversationalist responds honestly and unhesitatingly.

They should not be afraid to disagree with you nor open up untimely new topics. Think about it, you don’t want to be talking nonstop while your partner boringly nods and agrees with you every time. Genuine and valuable feedback is essential for intellectual growth of both people involved in the marriage.


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