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Wiz Khalifa Opens Up On Why He Is Into Weed Selling Business.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has revealed the main reason why he decided to launch his own line of marijuana. Last month, the 28-year-old rapper announced that he has partnered with a Colorado-based marijuana company to start producing his own line of weed called Khalifa Kush.
Wiz even got into a twitter fight with Kanye West recently after he tweeted the initials “KK” while promoting the marijuana line which Kanye presumed meant Kim Kardashian.


Speaking to GQ style, the father of one stated that he never really had plans to start a weed business but he decided to take it serious when he realised how much weed has helped him as a person. “You train yourself to be alright. Weed’s been helping me out for a lot of years, so when you see somebody who is functioning – I’m the perfect example of that.” he stated.

He also revealed that he doesn’t get high on weed any more because smoking weed has become normal business. Wiz , who will be launching his Khalifa Kush line in April, stated he was hoping the line would help “raise awareness and end cannabis prohibition nationwide.”


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