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The Fascinating Power Of Potassium

Italian researchers confirmed that – Everyday consumption of food rich with potassium, as there is green veggies, potatoes, bananas, tomatoes, soy, apricots, avocado, low-fat yogurt, plums juice, beans, can reduce the risk from stroke and coronary artery disease


Results from all researchers are based on results on 10 studies published between 1966 and 2009 yr, which were made on 280.000 adults. During that period 5.500 persons had a brain stroke, almost 3.100 suffer from coronary heart disease. High potassium intake was related to lowering the risk from brain stroke up to 19 % and lowering the risk from coronary heart disease up to 8%.

This results is supports the global recommendation for the increase of  producing food with potassium, to stop cardiovascular diseases. Also scientists discovered that food rich with raw fruit and veggies can be helpful and protect people from brain stroke. In another study, researchers examined the possibility from brain stroke in 20.000 men and women, age 20 – 65 yr, which didn’t have cardiovascular diseases at the beginning. After 10 years, patients had 233 brain stroke. After considering all factors, researchers revealed that patients with high intake of raw fruit and veggie (more than 262 gr a day), have up to 36% lower possibility for brain stroke, than patients with intake of less than 92 gr.

Potassium regulates heart functions, lower blood pressure and it’s also  needed for normal balance of water in the organism. Potassium is essential for synthesis of nucleic acids and protein, contraction of muscles and nerves, also for transmission nerve signals, for elimination of CO2 from lungs and normal renal functioning, make glucose from glycogen.

In many cell processes,  potassium is in connection to Na, with opposite roles. Less potassium is very rare at normal humans.

Lack of Potassium can be found when patients use diuretics, gastrointestinal problems and vomiting, while symptoms are: anorexia, nausea, irritation, slowness ect.

Where To Find Potassium?

Apricot, dried (1850 mg)

Apricots help at dryness of throat, tiredness, hard concentration and development of cells. Fiber from apricots regulates digestion and blood pressure. Lutein and zeaxanthin from apricot, protects fragile lens from photo – oxidation. Less lutein is connected to cataract. Some research pinpoints that apricots help brain functioning and it’s important for intellectual work. With folic acid, Co and Cu, apricots are the perfect food for anemia.

Soy (1680 mg)

Raw food, having all essential amino acids –for functioning of the body. Soy proteins are equal to proteins from animal origin, and can make cell proteins in human body as well. Have more protein than cow milk, but without saturated fat and cholesterol. Other than potassium, it’s rich with Ca and P, Fe, S, Mn, Na, Ml, Cu, B, I, Co and Zn.

Dry grapes (746 mg)

With dry plums and apricots, dry grape is fruit with the most antioxidants. Even if it’s considered as too sweet and too sticky and helps cavity, new studies show that phytochemicals are good for teeth. In fact they actually help having healthy and strong teeth, because they have fructose and glucose, but not sucrose.

Potatoes (421 mg)

Potatoes is a food good for diet at all ages, valuable source of energy and carbohydrates (starch). A lot of components in potatoes are great for heath and a cure of metabolic diseases (gout, rheumatism).  In folk medicine they are used as a healing medicine like a paste for rheumatism, ankle problems, headaches, high temperature,. Vitamins C is completely lost if potato is boiled chopped and peeled.

Bananas (360 mg)

Bananas ingredients working in two ways: Activating epithelium cells and stomach, and produce thick covering, reducing acid in stomach and eliminate bacteria (especially Helicobacter pylori) – a cause for ulcer. A study shows that bananas and milk reduce acidity in stomach. Good source of pectin and fiber which take fluid inside,and  having  normal digestion. Increase capability for Ca absorption, so this fruit helps slowing down loosing Ca from bones in cases of osteoporosis.

Melon (320 mg)

With vitamin C and A like antioxidant, protects body from cardiovascular diseases and aging; stimulates kidney, removes toxic materials from body and lowers high blood pressure.

Tomatoes (222 mg)

Tomatoes Increases the water of the organism, also it  is good for the heart and bloodstream, digestive system and lowers blood pressure. Tomatoes are rich with pectin and other organic acids – they increase appetite, activate digestion and stop bad bacteria.