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Smoothie To Basis Of Banana To Eliminate Tiredness

If you are a person who lives recently invaded by the tiredness and debility you must try the smoothie. The protagonist of this smoothie is the banana or banana that apart from giving you energy will help you to avoid fluid retention, to know more about the benefits of this rich fruit tea.

We can think that it is a fruit that cause weight gain, however, is excellent for a healthy diet, the potassium that contains the banana gives us energy and avoids the retention of liquids, is also found that help speed up our metabolism.


The next batter is a source of calcium, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silicon and iron.


1 Cup of soy milk
5 Almonds peeled
1 banana


Put all ingredients in a blender or processor and then to first understand it out run for 1 minute while mix very well, then served in a glass and drink immediately.

You can take for 7 days in a row and stop for 7 days and then re-start and that your body is not usual and stop making effect.

Below you’ll find we have a recipe that in addition to give you a lot of energy and avoid the fatigue is going to help you to lose weight.

Banana smoothie and studs to lose weight:

Means handful of asparagus
Half a cup of water


Put everything in the blender and blend very well, take this drink in the morning every day in the breakfast for 2 weeks, will help you to accelerate your metabolism.