Proof That You’re Better At Dating Than You Think

When you’re single and looking but never seem to progress past the second or third date, it’s easy to think that you’re a total failure. If dating is a test, then progressing to a relationship would be your A+, right? Not so fast. You’re way better at dating than you think, even if it doesn’t feel that way.


1. Guys want second dates. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that when you’re going on a bunch of first dates with no second round, it’s because you made the choice not to see those guys again. If guys often want to see you again, then you’re definitely succeeding, because you’re showing the world that you’re girlfriend material.

2. You make people laugh. Having a great sense of humor is nothing to sneeze at. You should be proud if you can make your dates laugh. When you do meet someone awesome, hopefully you can make each other laugh and it’ll be a match made in funny heaven.

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