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Choose The Best Raw Food Diet For You!

Does “the best raw food diet” actually exist? Are you worried about eating too much fat, too much fruit, too much juice, too many sprouts…?

Let’s explore the basic types of raw foods and diets before you pick your favourite.


Do you know who is: Fruitarian?

You got it, someone who consumes mostly fruits!Fruitarians maintain a diet of raw fruits, typically including the non-sweet varieties such as cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados.Fruitarians are convinced that this is the best raw food diet because it is the most natural to humans. Also, fruit is harvested without killing the plant and so extremely sustainable



Someone who consumes mostly fresh fruit and vegetable juices!Juices are, indeed, unbeatable for removing toxins.


Someone who consumesmostly sprouts!Sproutarians believe that the best raw food diet must be based on sprouts, because these are rich in vitamins, nutrients and energy. Seeds contain all of the things that a plant needs for it grow (carbohydrates, protein etc.). When the seed sprouts it fills up with active amino acids and myriad of other elements that provide nourishment to the plant. Sprouts are a fantastic addition to your raw food diet.


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