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After Reading This,You Might Never Even Think of Chewing Gum Again

The practice of chewing gum dates back to approximately 50 A.D. when the Greeks are known to have chewed mastiche, the resin from the bark of the mastic tree.The Mayans used the chicle from the resin of the sapote tree for their chewing substance.

Some substance for chewing has been a relatively traditional habit throughout the world; for instance, the betel nut in several countries serves much the same purpose as chewing gum does.People have chewed gum since ancient times for a variety of reasons: to help clean their teeth, to aid digestion, to refresh their breath, or to enjoy a flavored taste.

People simply tend to have an urge to chew, a process which begins in infancy when sucking for milk or when sucking one’s thumb or pacifier.In case you didn’t know,synthetic chewing gum contains a lot of potentially dangerous ingredients that enter your body through the walls of your mouth.

As with many other personal care products (lotions and the like), your body directly and rapidly absorbs the ingredients from chewing gum. This causes them to by-pass the digestive system and prevents it from filtering out some of the toxins. So, before chewing your next gum, make sure that you look into its content, because,in the end, you might find its taste in your mouth to be more bitter than sweet!

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