6 Reasons Anyone Ready For A Real Relationship Won’t Play Games

We’ve all experienced the exciting feeling of finally meeting someone special.

You seem to have so much in common. You spend hours talking and getting to know each other.

But when you finally gather the courage to show interest in making things serious, he or she suddenly takes a step back.

It has happened to me.

When I took his hint and backed off, he tried to contact me again.

I’m not going to lie: I did enjoy this thrilling game playing in the beginning.

The anticipation definitely boosts your adrenaline.

However, after a while, it simply became exhausting.

Eventually, I couldn’t stand this any longer, and decided to completely ignore him. I wanted to quit the game.

It seems most people find romantic game playing exciting.

I often hear my friends admit, “He didn’t text me back, but you know what? I like it. I like that he’s not obsessed with me.”

I always raise an eyebrow in return and wonder out loud, “How is showing interest being obsessed?”

I usually receive the same answer.

Flirting should be thrilling.

This can be true in some cases. But I have come to realize that usually, game playing is actually more tiring than thrilling.

Here are six reasons you should consider ditching the game playing:

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