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If You Think Your Life Is Miserable Wait Till You Read The Inspiring Story Of This “Basketball Girl”

A Chinese girl dubbed as “basketball girl” has caught the attention of the world after sympathetic people shared her photo wearing a basketball for legs.

Meet 20-year-old Qian Hongyan, she became an internet sensation while giving hope to many and she has a remarkably inspiring back story to tell.

In 2000, when she was only four years old, Qian lost her legs after being hit by a speeding truck on the busy road in Zhuangshan, China. Since her poor family lived in the rural area of China’s southwestern Yunnan province with no easy access to prosthetic legs, they had no other option but to improvise.


She was provided by a basketball cut in half, placed on her lower part to stabilize herself. She then learned to walk using her hands with a piece of wood that served as shoes.
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