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Actress Dakore Akande speaks on how difficult it is to find good roles in Nollywood.

During the interview, the actress spoke on how difficult it is to find a good role in Nollywood. “Extremely difficult. It’s like once in a lifetime,” the actress who recently starred in the record breaking “Fifty” said.
Speaking on being a part of the Biyi Bandele film, Akande said “I’m grateful to be a part of “Fifty,” because it’s such a groundbreaking film on many levels – the fact of the box office, the fact that it sells out.

This is unheard of for a Nigerian film.  It’s just amazing to be in such a project, because it shows the potentials that we have in our industry, and how people can catch on to certain trends that they didn’t even realize were there, and to touch a demographic of women and people in general.
So, it’s great, and it shows growth in Nollywood. But it’s slow. It’s a very slow growth, and I think it’s because it takes more people to make a film than for music. For music, you could just go to the studio and pretty much talk to the marketer and it’s out. But with film, you have to have a director, it’s a bigger animal.
It’s not a competition at the end of the day. What’s important is that our arts and culture industry in Nigeria is just at the forefront of labor. That’s what we really need to focus on”
Encouraging the government to be support Nollywood, she said “I think the government needs to step in on a major scale to identify the art as a viable tool to take Nigeria to the next level.”