10 Simple life experiences to add to your bucket list

Don’t you get fed up reading bucket lists that contain nothing but amazing, incredible things that you might want to do before you die, but none of the important, simple, life experiences that are just as important, if not more? Who wants to jump out of an airplane, do a bungee jump and swim with dolphins, but never fall in love? Everyone should have these wild ambitions and everyone should do their best to achieve them, but let’s not miss out on some of life’s simple pleasures while we are fuelling our adrenaline addiction! Here are ten simple life experiences that should be somewhere amongst all those other amazing things on your bucket list.

1. Do something nice for someone you don’t know

A random act of kindness shouldn’t really need to be on your bucket list just as a one off ambition, but more as an ongoing project. You can make a huge difference to someone else’s day, or even their life, by doing something really simple for a stranger. Buy a burger for a homeless person, stand up on a bus for an older lady, or help someone who is struggling with their bags. You’ll get nothing in return, but a smile and a thank you. You’ll also get a great deal of personal satisfaction that you were able to help.

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