10 Cosy things to do on rainy days

A few years ago, I used to hate rainy days. When the weather forecast said that we could expect days – weeks – of wet weather I would dread it, especially if it was the summer time. Rain would just put a dampener on all my outdoor plans; I couldn’t meet my friends for a drink in the beer garden, go for a swim in the lake, go cycling, or head out for a picnic. And if you listen to those who believe that the threat of climate change is very real, we can expect many wetter days ahead.

Once I started to accept that rainy days will happen, though, I stopped letting the wet weather spoil my plans, consigning me to a wasted day indoors. Instead, I began to use rainy days, not as an obstacle, but as a chance to try something different. So if you’re like me and are wondering what on earth you can do indoors on a day when rain has led you to cancel all your plans, let’s take a look at 10 cosy things to do on rainy days.

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