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What Does Your Eye Color Reveal About Your Health

People say that our eyes are the door to our soul. You can find out if there is something with a person you are close to if you only look them in the eyes. And if this kind of “looking into one’s eyes” is a more figurative way of putting it that you can know if there is something wrong with the emotional state of a person, today we are going to show you how one’s eyes reveal their physical and health state. That is right, you can find out if there is something wrong with your health, or if it is perfect just by looking at your eyes. Here is what we are talking about. You only need to take into consideration your eye color.

#1 When the white part of your eyes changes its color
You have probably noticed that there are small red lines un the white of your eyes. These are small blood vessels, but they do not change the white color of it. When, however, the white changes its color, it means that there is some problem going on. If it turns red, which is one of the most common cases, then it could be a sign that you are allergic to something. And if the white part turns yellow, this could be a signal that you have some problems with your liver. So, remember that you have to watch for this kind of change with your eyes.

#2 Pain tolerance
Here is some interesting fact – a research has shown that women with lighter eyes (like grey, blue, or green), have more pain tolerance than women with dark eyes. The research includes only women, because they analyzed the period of giving birth, and after it. It turns out that women with light eyes had less trouble sleeping and less anxiety attacks compared to women with dark eyes. Well, it turns out there is another reason why we should envy blue-eyed women. And this is also so when it comes to alcohol (check #3).

#3 Alcohol tolerance
If we envied women with light eyes for their pain tolerance, then they need to envy dark eyed people because of their alcohol tolerance, or not. It turns out that another research shows people with dark eyes could drink the same amount of alcohol that people with light eyes, and they would actually be able to get drunk more easily. So, in other words, people with light eyes have bigger alcohol tolerance compared to people with dark ones. Well, one of the positives sides is that dark-eyed people will have to spend less money on alcohol if they want to get drunk.

#4 Melanoma
Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer. A research concluded that people who have blue eyes are at bigger risk of suffering from melanoma, compared to people who have darker eyes. You may think that one of the reasons is because people with light eyes have light skin, but this is not the only reason. It turns out that the blue-eyed people’s genes affect the immune system. So, people with blue eyes do not detect cancerous cells as easily.

#5 Vitiligo
This is a skin condition when the immune system thinks that the melanin of the skin is a kind of threat and starts killing it, which causes some parts of the skin to be left white, while other are still darker. People with dark eyes, including hazel and green ones, are more likely to suffer from this disease, because of their strong immune system. As we mentioned above, people with blue eyes do not have such a strong immune system and that is why it would not detect the melanin as a kind of threat. So, this is at least a piece of good news for the blue-eyed people.



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