This baby was abandoned by her mother. What the dog did? Incredible!

There had been a lot of stories of babies that were abandoned by their own parents. But then this story is probably the most heart melting story you’ll ever witness!
This baby was abandoned by her mother
This dog in Thailand was awarded a leather collar and a medal by the Red Cross Thua Rua district for such heroic act!
This dog named Pui was on his adventure when this strange and unexpected incident took place.
Pui was sniffing on the garbage bags beside the roads when he noticed something strange in one of the bags.

Pui then grabbed the trash bag and brought it home so that his owners could check it out. They were surprised to see a poor baby girl that was placed inside the trash bag.
The premature baby girl was immediately rushed to the hospital to receive medical treatments. The doctor then claimed that the baby onnly weighs 4 pounds!
This dog is now being honored for such heroic act!

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