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They filmed the everyday living of this 98-year-old woman. What they saw made them cry!

These days, teens often see their grandparents as an irritation. They often get irritated every time they’re asked to look after their grandparents.
What’s even more shocking is the fact that in some countries, elder people are being sent to a nursing home by their children for them to be taken care of by other people.
Meanwhile, a production house in Brooklyn, New York known as Voyager released a touching short film entitled ‘Junk Mail‘ that shows the everyday living of the 98-year-old woman named Mary Tony.
This short film will also serve as an eye opener for everyone who don’t want to take care of their grandparents.
This will also show you that the elderly also needs us, they need company and that they feel lonely.
Start making happy memories with your grandparents before it’s too late.