He hasn’t talked to his father for 20 years. How his father makes it up to him, will surely make you cry!

Behind every child’s success is a hardworking father. Most children definitely know about that, but there are just some who really appreciates their parents’ hard work.
 son ignored father
In this viral Singaporean short film, you’ll witness how it changes the life of a child who grew up hating his father.
In this video, this young boy grew up hating and blaming his father for his mother’s death. He often claims that his father is really the one to blame for his loss.
Because of the pain inside him, he strives harder. He grew up being a successful man but then through that success, he still refused to talk to his father and even eat together.



It is really hard for his father until he saw where his son went and there he found out that there’s a class that teaches how to make his son’s favorite, Tau Sar Piah. 
After succeeding in making his son’s favorite, he then walked up to him and told him how bad he felt for making his son grew up without a father beside him. They haven’t talked to each other for almost 20 years.