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Find Out What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

Your tongue is needed for eating, breathing and talking. In old movies, people checked their tongues in mirrors if they thought that something was wrong with their health. This is completely normal, since the tongue can reveal some illnesses. Next time you are not feeling well, check out your tongue for these signs.


1. Red tongue as a sign of vitamin deficiency

Your tongue is bright red without any obvious reason. This means that you need to improve your diet, since you are deficient in some nutrient, vitamin or mineral. Take some vitamin supplements for some time, and then check your tongue. If it is still red, visit the doctor.

2. Cracks in the tongue as signs of aging

Cracks in the tongue are a normal occurrence with age. Even young people can get cracks as they get more mature. You only need to clean your tongue regularly, to prevent infections.

3. Brown tongue as a sign of poor hygiene

Brushing, mouth washing and flossing will help you get rid of the brown color on your tongue. Just floss and rinse when brushing your teeth and the tongue’s color will get normal soon.

4. Powdery white tongue as a sign of yeast infection

Babies and people on antibiotics often have white powdery tongues. Visit the doctor or try some over-the-counter remedies.

5. Burning of your tongue as a sign of menopause

A burning sensation in the tongue is a sign of menopause. If you are not around the age of menopause, the burning sensation may be caused by the new toothpaste you are using.

6. Painful sores on the tongue as a sign of stree

Stress makes our bodies react. The small sores on the tongue may be caused by stress, and they will go away as soon as you start relaxing.

7. White patches on the tongue as a sign of an irritant

These white patches mean that something is irritating your mouth cavity. These white patches are especially common among smokers. They are usually benign, but consult a doctor if you are worried.

8. Lumps on the tongue as a sign of cancer

If you notice lumps on your tongue, consult your doctor immediately, since these lumps may be cancer tumors.

9. Hills and valley patterns mean that everything is good

A normal tongue always has some hills and valleys. Don’t be worried about them.

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