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Find Out What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship? Are You in Love or Do You Have Some Problems?

Are you familiar with the fact that sleeping position can say a lot about your personality? So what happens when you and your partner have different sleeping styles and personalities found in one bed? Here is an interesting article about how sleeping positions of partners can tell a lot about their relationship.


  1. The Spoon

This is the most common position especially for people married three-to-five years. Samuel Dunkell, a psychiatrist claims that “When a woman assumes the posterior position, it may indicate she is the more giving partner or that he needs special nurturing.” This position provides the closest contact with the partner which is not always erotic, but rather “a comforting, safe cocoon,” says Shirley P.

  1. The Honeymoon Hug

This position is the most intimate and occurs when intense feelings are present like after lovemaking or at the beginning of a relationship. Some couples sleep in this position throughout their whole life. Elizabeth Flynn Campbell, a New York psychotherapist says that “[the couple] could be overly enmeshed, too dependent on each other to sleep apart.”

  1. Like Shingles (on a Roof)

According to Samuel Dunkell, this position is quite common and means strong egos and a sense of entitlement. Usually one of the partners is lying on their back and the other’s head is on the partner’s shoulder, making him or her dependent, obedient partner.

  1. The Sweetheart’s Cradle

The Sweetheart’s Cradle has one partner holding the other and this positions is very intimate, caring, nurturing and protective.

  1. Loosely Tethered

As the time goes by people start sleeping in this position which is basically The Spoon with more distance. It means trust, with more space and comfort but without giving up of the affection. Eventually this position symbolizes balanced relationship.

  1. The Leg Hug

This position means two things. First that the couple is not comfortable when showing physical affection and second meaning- “suggests familiarity, comfort and a daring quality as well, almost like a secret code.”

  1. The Pursuit

In this position one person is chasing the other. The Pursuit is when you come closer to your partner and spoon her/him. This can also mean two things: person retreats and wants more space or wants to be pursued like the game of cat and mouse.

  1. Zen Style

This position is common for partners that are in relationship for a longer period of time. They need to re-establish independence and personal space, after their closeness is well established. Contact is made without hugging.

  1. The Cliffhanger

This position is similar to The Pursuit but this time the partner doesn’t chase the other and in this position partners often wonder if there is something wrong. After some time they usually start sleeping closer again. The second explanation is that maybe they like having comfortable night’s sleep rather than snuggling.

  1. The Crab

This position is also not promising with several meanings: If you have problems with your partner this may be your partner’s way to warn you that there are problems between you two. It can also mean that you’re suffering and that is why you have changed the sleeping position. Finally youa and your partner may be quite creative sleepers.