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For more reasons then one, computers have revolutionized the way we go about our everyday lives. First, email has created a world never thought of, where you can go into a chat room and talk to people from around the world or you can log onto your instant messenger and talk to your pals who you could only talk to on the internet because of both of your busy schedules. Second, science has made great leaps forward with computers that can do mathematical equations in a matter of minutes, this helps the scientist come up with new antibiotics or calculate when the end of the world is going to happen. Third, on the military field of things, the military can create bombs and missiles that once fired, think for themselves and hit the target with the accuracy of a centimeter. As a result of all of these things peoples lives can be changed from the good to the bad. Consequently, from the military stand point, civilians are going to be killed but now do to technology there will be lease of them. Next in the scientific field there have been great leaps in antibiotics to keep up with the growing problems of disease, therefore making the world a better place. So, in the civilian field people can now have better accessibility the world then ever thought of. Therefore all of these “things” we have in our lives are a result from the advances in computer technology and how they have affected our lives.

Effects of Computers on Our Daily Lives

Computers have revolutionized peoples’ daily lives with communication, computation speed, and law and scientific fields. First, email was created so someone could send letters instanteously to anyone. Also, is that of online chatting. A person can talk to whoever through messengers and chat rooms that live throughout the world. Next, the technology of computers has improved that they can perform mathematics faster than a human can even think. Computers can even help scientists record experiments and have easier access to them to help have more vital drugs or a new cure. Computers even control machinery to help make mass amounts of items at a fast pace. Now, in the military field, computers help bombs be more accurate and even control planes so less people are in danger during battle. The police even have robots that are controled by computers to enter hazardous areas where they wouldn’t want to put one or more of their employees in danger. These advancements with computers have greatly affected lives of everyone today.

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