A positive attitude opens doors and invites opportunity.

The issue you face, when you don’t realize all of the wonderful gifts you have, is that it can be incredibly

38bbb63overwhelming! When you focus far too much on your problems, perceived shortcomings or other obstacles you get yourself STUCK. If all you see is growing debt, lack of money, fleeting dreams or a dismal future, you are stopping your momentum before it even has a chance to start.  If you’re one of those telling yourself you can’t afford a bigger life, or that you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do, or you’re too tired, overworked, and have a lackluster life – stop! It’s time to shift your mindset and take action to create positive results!

Focus on the good things you do have, not on what you don’t have. Change the conversation in your head. Be good to yourself when you talk to yourself!  Change the people you associate with, if you need to. Get positive support. Reach out for what you want. Bring together those you need to help you succeed in creating a bigger life.  You have the potential, the capability. It is within you. Once you tap into it, you will see immediate results and great rewards come to you. When we use, share, and value our gifts properly, we receive rewards in the form of positive, regenerating energy and optimism.  If we give away our value, even literally, by extending our skills and talents without getting paid or recognized, it depletes energy and creates a negative attitude.

Gifts can make you feel like you have superpowers!

Your inner strengths, your natural abilities and everyday skills are the gateway to a brighter future. Here’s an exercise which will help you reset your mindset and help you access all of the wonderful gifts you have.

Sit down and write out everything you’re grateful for, everything you’re able to do and everything you even wish you could do. Get in the habit of thinking positively about yourself and what you’re capable of.  When you change that conversation with yourself, something miraculous happens! You are filled with Yes! Energy and before long, it will seem like anything you can dream of or want to do in your life will be possible.

By eliminating that negativity, you will crush small thoughts, small actions and a small life.  Living small is a crime against you!  A positive attitude opens doors and invites opportunity.

Open those doors and let the opportunity flood in and fill your life with success.